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Permanent & Temporary Staffing Business Partners Since 1980
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Technical Placement, Inc. (TPI) is an acknowledged leader in employment services to include both permanent search/placement, contract consulting and our newest leading edge internet based service, our Employer Center.

We have been serving the human resource needs of companies seeking information technology, health care, engineering, scientific, legal & manufacturing professionals since 1980. TPI has evolved into a unique virtual office operation which focuses on internal automation and classical external networking using leading edge Internet/Intranet technology.

All TPI offices nationwide access the company’s servers using modern browsers via the Internet.

The result is a quantum leap forward in productivity which translates into a dramatic decrease in the time required to fulfill the needs of both corporate clients and candidates.

Contact Information:

Technical Placement, Inc.
PO Box 23
Pennsburg, PA 18073
Voice: 215-679-4620
Fax: 215-679-5384

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